Company History


May 2015 Two factories linked together, strengthening integrated manufacturing from prototyping to mass production
June 2014 Capabilities at Tohoku factory improved through the increase in CAM editors
May 2013 Nagano factory strengthened for applications in special product development
Mass production concentrated in Tohoku factory
May 2012 Kyoei NBC Electric (HK) Co., Ltd. established
March 2011 Tohoku factory disaster due to 2011 Tohoku earthquake
Funding increased in Thai corporation, transition to jointly owned partnership with Kyoei NBC Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


October 2009 ISO9001 certification: transitioned to 2008 version
June 2009 Introduction of high quality assurance equipment to Tohoku factory (updated pattern automatic optical inspection and complete external automatic optical inspection devices)
Takashi Arai assumes position of executive director
September 2007 Introduction of high precision solder resist print equipment to Tohoku factory
November 2005 ISO14001 certification: transitioned to 2004 version
October 2004 Introduced high-quality and ultra fine pattern to printed wiring boards
December 2003 Environment management registration, ISO 14001: 1996, JIS Q14001: 1996
June 2002 Set up Kanto Sales Office in Fukiagemachi Kita Adachi-gun, Saitama
October 2000 Quality system registration, JIS Z9902: 1998, ISO 9002: 1994
October 2000 Introduced big press (750x1100), big AOI and film inspection unit with big length-measuring function for production of ultra-big high multilayer boards into Tohoku plant


April 1999 Introduced x-ray drill into Tohoku plant
September 1998 Introduced high-temperature big vacuum press and high-performance Z-axis control router into Nagano plant to provide a replete set of manufacturing equipment related to high-frequency substrates
July 1998 Set up Nagoya Office in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
May 1998 Assembled and commenced running of new information system (Server 6000 Electronic Computer System) as the key to combating Y2K problem, establish in-house management methods to deal with ISO and PL laws, and enhance the level of the information service aimed at customers
October 1997 Implemented 3rd-stage investment plan for Tohoku plant, which becomes main plant specializing in high-precision multilayer complex substrates
March 1994 Tokyo plant started specializing as manufacturing base for high-frequency substrates


March 1989 Set up Ueda Sales Office in Ueda, Nagano
December 1987 Introduced vacuum molding press for multilayer printed wiring boards as the 2nd-stage plan for Tohoku plant to facilitate high multilayer printed wiring boards
May 1986 Newly constructed Tohoku plant in Izumi Park Town Industrial & Distribution Estate, Sendai, Miyagi
September 1985 Set up Kita Kanto Sales Office in Ishibashi-cho Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi
February 1985 Set up Shizuoka Sales Office in Shimizu, Shizuoka
November 1984 Set up Tohoku Sales Office in Sendai, Miyagi
July 1984 Completed process production system for multilayer boards in Nagano plant, and commenced production
January 1982 Newly constructed FRP plant in Inagi, Tokyo


August 1979 Built 6-storey head office building in Babashitacyo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
February 1978 Newly constructed Nagano plant and prepared automated lines to handle increased demand for printed wiring boards as well as enhance quality
November 1977 Set up FRP plant to commence manufacturing of fiber reinforced plastic
April 1971 Set up Nagano Sales Office in Minowamachi, Kami-Ina-gun, Nagano to provide service organization for all Nagano area
March 1970 Built new 4-storey building in Higashi Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo to house both head office and plant


February 1966 Transferred plant to Waseda Tsurumaki-cho, Shinjuku-ku to expand manufacture of printed wiring boards
August 1965 Newly established printed board manufacturing plant in Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku
December 1960 Transferred head office to Babashitacyo, Shinjuku-ku as a result of expanding business


May 1959 Transferred head office to Suwa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo and increased capital to JPY1,200,000
August 1958 Established company in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo with capital of JPY300,000